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PICkit 2 Debug Express (DV164121) kit with the special price $18 may be purchased only in 1 piece per person or organization.

Please fill out the registration form (information can be controlled by Microchip Technology Inc.) and choose the trading organization, where you are planning to purchase the kit.

Please show your working e-mail address. E-mail with registration number will be sent to that e-mail address. Please print out the e-mail or show the registration number while making an order at the trading organization of your choice.

Microchip Technology Inc. has a right to control your registration information and reject your order in case if false information will be revealed or attempt to purchase the kit in several trading organizations will be taken

Before choosing the trading organization, please specify the rules of delivery to your region. Shipping service conditions may vary from region to region.

Below is the list of trading organizations where PICkit 2 Debug Express (DV164121) kit can be purchased with the special price:

Gamma St. Petersburg www.gamma.spb.ru +7 (812) 325-51-15
Triton Electronic Components www.trt.ru +7 (495) 668-26-46
«Averon» (Ekaterinburg) www.averon.ru/el/index.php +7 (343) 234-65-79
Chip-NN www.chip-nn.ru +7 (831) 438-60-35
Terraelectronica www.terraelectronica.ru +7 (495) 221-78-03
Gamma Ukraine www.microchip.ua +380 (44) 223-84-63, +380 (562) 36-07-92
Alfasoft Exim www.microchip.by +375 (17) 209-80-45
Baltic states
Micro Electronics trade Ltd www.micel.ee +372 39-29-080

Fill the registration form

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